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Alumni User Manual
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This web tool allows BSAC Alumni Members to stay in touch with BSAC, Alumni and Industrial Members. Alumni can post their own announcement or comment on, share, and view existing postings. They can also upload and download new documents and email Alumni.  All comments, as well as the history of all documents, are logged and retained.  


Left Menu
provides secure login to BSAC.  Access Alumni site by clicking on "Alumni" located on the BSAC menu bar.  The feature list will display on the left menu. Click on the option you wish.

View Job Postings
from BSAC Industrial Members (if specified in the job posting description).

Alumni Roster
gives you the opportunity to stay in touch with other Alumni.  Click on the Alumni's name to get recent information about him/her.  It is an honor to be listed on the Alumni Roster

shows all of News from BSAC, the News from Alumni and Roundtable Discussions. 

To view a document and all its information, click on its title or more (orange link)
To view all documents, click on view all (blue link)
To reply to a discussion topic, click on reply (orange link)
(see the following image )

Post / Edit a message to Alumni
1. Choose a category: from the dropdown menu

2. Title your post

3. "Full information" will display exactly what you put in this block

4. (Optional) "More documents" allows you add an html or a pdf link to your post.  Use the Browse button to locate your files.

(see the image below )

Delete a posting
will display the full post and a drop menu to confirm the deletion.   Be careful - this cannot be undone.
For the Roundtable, deleting a post will delete all replies and subreplies.

Send a message to Alumni
allows you to send an email to all Alumni or some Alumni.

(see the image below )


Only BSAC members can access Alumni personal information and only if Alumni agree to publish their contact information.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact


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