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Jeffrey Chou, Ph.D. 2012

Micro & Nanosystems Laboratory
Advisor: Prof. Wu

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Research Interests: Board to board optical interconnect with MEMS tracking
Job Interests: Industry internship (overseas preferably)

Jeffrey Chou is a postdoctoral research associate in the micro and nano systems laboratory, working with Prof. Sang-Gook Kim in the mechanical engineering department. I am also a researcher in the Solid State Solar Thermal Energy Conversion (S3TEC) center. I received my B.S., M.S., and PhD in electrical engineering & computer sciences all from the University of California, Berkeley in 2007, 2010, and 2012 respectively, under the guidance of Prof. Ming Wu.
My research interests lie in the areas of nanophotonics, near-field thermodynamics, and nano-electro-mechanical systems for the application of energy conversion devices, optical communication devices, and biomedical devices. For more detailed explanations of my current and previous research projects, please see the research page.

Electrothermally-Actuated Free-Space Board-To-Board Optical Interconnect With Zero Power Hold [BPN397]
Free-space optical interconnect using arrays of vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers
(VCSELs) and photoreceivers can significantly increase the board-to-board interconnect bandwidth,
relieving the bottleneck of traditional backplane systems in computer servers. However, critical
alignment errors, due to insertion variation, have prevented the deployment of such a technology. We
present an adaptive free-space optical interconnect using electrothermal MEMS rotational lens scanners
with zero power hold to circumvent such difficulties. Previous groups have attempted to adaptively
compensate for the misalignment using MEMS devices, including feed-forward control of MEMS scanners.
However, a zero power hold lens scanner has never been demonstrated.


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