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Dr. SoonGweon Hong

Advisor: Prof. Lee
(510) 642-5880

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Research Interests: Nanoplasmonic theory and applications. Microfluidic-based biochip developments. Nanoscale molecular phenomena.
Job Interests: Academic and industry R&D

Dr. SoonGweon Hong is a Post Doctoral researcher for BSAC, where he focuses on nanoplasmonic-based spectroscopic sensor development, microfluidic-based biochip design and nanoscale molecular phenomena.

Prior to joining BSAC, Dr. Hong was an associate manager for Hyundai Heavy industries. During his time there he worked on development of information architecture and systemic design of destroyers and submarines.

Dr. Hong received his undergraduate degree from Seoul National University in 2002.

Organ-on-a-Chip for Personalized Medicine Development [BPN723]
A new era of drug discovery and development is being marched with the concept of “personalized medicine”. “Organ-on-a-chips or OCs” are one of the movements, which are to recapitulate 3-dimensional organ models in microfluidic culture platforms. By combining iPSC-derived human organ cells, individuals’ physiological response can be investigated so that the needs of animal model, inadequately representing human physiology, will be vanished in drug development in a near future. Herein,we are challenging the development of liver- and heart-on-a-chip for the two organs most frequently facing drug failure issues in the current market. Also we envision to expand the types of OCs to brain, muscle, gut and lung, in order to ultimately represent physiological response of human on a chip. Based on personalized iPSC-derived cells, investigations on individual OCs as well as interconnection between OCs will bring meaningful inquiries in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in personalized medicine.

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