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UC Davis
Erh-Chia Yeh, Ph.D. 2015

Advisor: Prof. Lee
(510) 666-3352

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Research Interests: microfluidics and point-of-care diagnostics.
Job Interests: industry R&D

B.S., Engineering and System Science (2008)
National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

Exchange Student, Electrical Engineering (2005)
Major in Microelectromechanical Systems
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

PhD, Bioengineering, UC Berkeley (expected 2014)

Hometown: Taichung City, Taiwan
Charlie's main research interest is developing microfluidic platforms for point-of-care diagnostics. Besides research, he enjoys to cycle, play soccer and tennis, and dance ballroom.

Portable Microfluidic Pumping System for Point-Of-Care Diagnostics [BPN679]
It is desirable for medical diagnostic assays to have portable and low cost pumping schemes. Although capillary loading is the most
common example, it cannot load dead-end channels, often have fibres that obstruct optics, and have surface treatment or
geometrical constraints. On the other hand, conventional degas pumping lacks flow control, speed, and reliability. Here we report a
new portable pumping system that does not require any peripheral equipment or external power sources/controls. Compared with
conventional degas pumping, it has ~8 times less standard deviation in speed, is operational for >2 hours, can tune and increase
loading speed up to 10 times, and can maintain a slower exponential decay of flow rate (factor of 5 increase in time constant). As an
example, we show it was possible to integrate this pumping system with one-step sample prep and digital amplification, and
demonstrated quantitative detection of DNA in one-step (10~10^5 copies DNA/μl). We believe this integrated power-free pumping
design may become a fundamental building block for future point-of-care diagnostic devices.

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