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Lilla Smith, Ph.D. 2015

Advisor: Prof. Pisano
Research Interests: MEMS, Micro-fluidics, heat transfer, fluid mechanics
Job Interests: Industry R&D, West Coast, Thermal Manegment

Lilla Smith received her B.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering at Union College, Schenectady, NY in 2011. She worked with Prof. Bruno on Micro-Particle Image Velocimetry (uPIV) of small fluid flows. Her interests are in Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer and MEMS fabrication. She is currently working on the Micro-Columnated Loop Heat Pipe (ucLHP) cooling chip under a DARPA contract.

QES: Micro LHP Chip Cooling System - Evaporator Design and Testing [BPN660]
The micro scale loop heat pipe (Micro-LHP) is an ongoing research project dedicated to the design and testing of a new cooling system for thermal management of high-power electronics. With the high power densities of current and future power systems and high performance electronics, comes a continuing need for novel thermal management and cooling solutions. Some of the most promising solutions utilize phase change, such as micro loop heat pipes and vapor chambers. A leading topic for several years has been pool boiling with different surfaces to raise the critical heat flux (CHF) bar as high as possible. This research explores a promising alternate research path, away from pool boiling and CHF work, and into convective flow boiling (CFB) with micro textured pin fin surfaces, for the long-term goal of integration into a closed system with looping fluid. The major innovation of this work is the use of coherent porous silicon leading to a micro- patterned surface intended to maximize evaporation. The results detail both the function of the evaporator and the effect of different roughness patterning on the performance and stability of the evaporator region. Detailed here are the evaporator designs, experimental set ups, measurement techniques and results.


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