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Visiting Industrial Fellows
Gordon Hoople, Ph.D. 2016

Mechanical Engineering
Advisor: Prof. Pisano
Research Interests: bioengineering, microfluidics
Job Interests: internships for summers while completing PhD program located in the Bay Area or Phoenix, Az

Gordon Hoople is a researcher in Pisano Lab focused on designing microfluidic chips for biological applications. He joined Pisano Lab after working for 3 years in industry as an aerospace dynamics consultant. Prior to this he earned his general engineering degree from Harvey Mudd College.

QES: Micro LHP Cooler - An In-Situ Hermetic Seal for High Heat Flux Microfluidic Devices [BPN662]
The ultimate project goal for the micro Loop Heat Pipe Chip Cooling System is to design and fabricate a substrate with
high thermal conductivity that can be interfaced directly with high heat flux electronic chips. This new technology will be
capable of satisfying the constantly increasing cooling requirements of today's electronic devices. A prototype has
already been developed that utilizes phase change technology to absorb large heat fluxes through latent heat. In order to
perform functional testing, however, a reliable hermetic sealing method must be developed. The major challenge in
developing this sealing method is that it must seal the device in-situ to prevent non-condensable gasses from entering
the system. This research is focused on identifying the most viable method for in-situ microfluidic device sealing.


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