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UC Davis
Hao-Yen Tang, Ph.D. 2016

Electrical Engineering
Advisor: Prof. Boser
(510) 926-5454
Research Interests: Ultrasonic sensor system and interfacing circuits(Including Ultrasonic Fingerprint sensor and Minuature Ultrasonic Imaging Systems), Energy harvesting, Mixed Signal Circuit, Or any novel topics!
Job Interests: Both academic & industry.

Hao-Yen Tang was born in New Taipei City, Taiwan (ROC) in 1989. He received a BS degree with a top 3% ranking in electrical engineering from National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan in 2011. After that he served compulsory national military service for one year. He is Graduate Student Researcher in the Berkeley Sensor & Actuator Center at UC Berkeley where he is pursuing a PhD in electrical engineering. His research interests include ultrasonic imaging systems, sensor interface circuits, high voltage electronics, and mixed signal integrated circuits.

Miniature Ultrasonic Imaging System for Portable Personal Health Care and Biometric Identification [BPN722]
Ultrasonic imaging system is well-suited for biometric identification and body-index monitoring due to its penetration nature. For example, an ultrasonic fingerprint penetrate contamination such as oil, dirt, and perspiration to obtain real fingerprint from human finger, and an ultrasonic imaging system could look deeper inside your body to tell you several critical body-index such as fat-muscle composition and visceral fat thickness. However, current ultrasonic systems for medical imaging are bulky, complicated to use, expensive, and have high power dissipation. The goal of this project is to derive a miniature ultrasonic system to enable new applications in portable personal health care and biometric identification. Currently a MEMS piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer (pMUT) and a custom integrated interface circuit (ASIC) that overcome these limitations is fabricated and measured. The ASIC operates from a single 1.8V supply with 7 channels, programmable timing for phased array operation at up to 40 MHz, and 32V output using an on-chip charge pump. A monolithic MEMS-ASIC 8*24 array with <100um pitch is also fabricated for further investigating the possibility of pMUT-based ultrasonic fingerprint sensor and now under testing.

Current Active Projects:

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