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Visiting Industrial Fellows
Tom Zajdel, Ph.D. 2017

Electrical Engineering
Advisor: Prof. Maharbiz

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Research Interests: Systems biology, probabilistic systems modeling, microbial electrophysiology, and microbiorobotics.
Job Interests: Academic research and teaching positions in the areas of biological system theory and simulation.

I am a PhD student advised by Michel Maharbiz in the department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at UC Berkeley. I work on developing methods to engineer and control microbial ensembles, which touches on system theory, microbial electrophysiology, and synthetic biology.
I received my B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Ohio State University in 2008, with emphasis on signal processing. My inquiries have led me to a diverse set of experiences including work with diaper production lines, anti-mortar radar, electromagnetic wave scattering, and cochlear implant speech processing before my present focus on biological work. In addition, I teach as I find it a critical and rewarding part of a knowledge-based career.

Direct Electron-Mediated Control of Hybrid Multi-Cellular Robots [BPN718]
We propose to design, fabricate and test a millimeter-scale, programmable cellular-synthetic
hybrid robot capable of autonomous motility, sensing and response in aqueous environment. This will be
the first demonstration of a millimeter-scale synthetic autonomous multi-cellular hybrid with organic
and man-made components. A primary goal of this work is to enable abiotic/biotic two-way communication
via electron transfer channels engineered into cells in contact with microelectrodes. We have
successfully miniaturized an electrochemical sensing platform to the centimeter scale to measure
current generated by engineered Escherichia coli cells in response to their enviornment. This platform
enables control techniques that rely on combinations of gene expression, cell-level sensing, and CMOS
digital computation.

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