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UC Davis
Anna Harley-Trochimczyk, Ph.D. 2016

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Advisor: Prof. Maboudian
(510) 643-3489

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Job Interests: Industry

My research interest lies in chemical sensing and the challenges in creating a sensitive, selective, and stable sensor. My initial project investigated the use of gold nanoparticle-decorated graphene for the electrochemical detection of sulfide ions in aqueous media. Single-layer graphene is grown via chemical vapor deposition on copper foil and decorated with gold through galvanic displacement. The gold-decorated graphene is transferred to an inert substrate for electrochemical testing. Characterization is done with Raman spectroscopy, SEM, AFM, and XPS.
Awards: National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (2012); Dow Excellence in Teaching Award (2013); Entrepreneurial Lead, NSF Innovation Corps Program (2013)

Microheater-Based Platform for Low Power Chemical Sensing [BPN762]
Accurate detection of flammable gases is essential for safe operation of many industrial processes. Installing networks of combustible gas monitors in industrial settings can allow for rapid leak detection and increased safety and environmental protection. However, existing combustible gas monitors are not suitable for use in wireless sensor networks due to the high power consumption. We have developed an ultra-low power combustible gas sensor with competitive sensitivity and lifetime characteristics that will enable ubiquitous wireless monitoring of combustible gases in industrial settings, resulting in enhanced safety. The core technology is a suspended microheater coated with a novel nanotechnology-based sensing material that catalyzes hydrocarbon combustion. Hydrogen gas sensing has been demonstrated with only a few mW of power required to reach operation temperatures. Ongoing research includes improving sensing material deposition and stability and tailoring the sensing materials for hydrocarbon specificity.

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