Spring 2014 IAB & Research Review
March 5 - 6

Plenary 12:
Dr. Maysamreza Chamanzar

Ultra-compact High-density Neural Optrodes for Brain Activity Mapping

Minimally invasive, high-resolution optical-electrical neural interfaces (optrodes) are required to monitor and stimulate individual neurons at multiple brain locations simultaneously.
In this presentation, I will report on our recent results on the design and implementation of high-density neural probes designed to record from all cortical lamina with excellent single unit isolation. A variety of 64-channel hybrid silicon-polymer probes with monolithically integrated flexible cables to route neural signals to a custom-made lightweight head-mounted recording system are designed and fabricated. For cellular-resolution optogenetic stimulation we designed on-shank high-index-contrast optical waveguide arrays to route light to the locations of interest in the brain with minimal propagation loss and negligible crosstalk. The entire process, including post-fabrication system assembly, has been designed to leverage existing consumer manufacturing processes, making our probe technology mass-producible and widely accessible at low cost.

The diminutive size of the proposed instrument, the flexible tethering cable, the high-density of the recording sites and stimulation ports, as well as the light-weight head-mounted recording system will revolutionize studies of the neuronal correlates of behavior, especially in small animals. This technology can also further advance the development of next-generation neural prosthetic devices.