Spring 2014 IAB & Research Review
March 5 - 6

Prof. Ming C. Wu


This BSAC Workshop brings together a truly “star-studded” colony of researchers from across the engineering campus of UC Berkeley-from the NSF Berkeley Sensor & Actuator Center; from the NSF Center for Energy Efficient Electronics; from the Center for Optoelectronic Nanostructured Semiconductor Technologies; from the Berkeley Wireless Research Center, from the Laser Thermal Laboratory, and from the EE Computational Imaging Laboratory.

Punctuating the academic vision, adding credibility and relevance will be a vision from an industry technology leader whose whispers can create stampedes, and from a market visionary able to affect as well as observe and forecast markets.

They will describe what each perceive as frontiers of their own research domains, and in the integration of these frontiers we will be treated to an uncommon boundary-spanning vision.