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Research Review Posters & Plenary (CLOSED)   view description
18 September 2013
Sutardja Dai Hall, Banatao Auditorium + Blum Hall

Sutardja Dai Hall + Blum Hall

TimeSpeaker, Event / Topic Information
08:00  Registration & Continental Breakfast
Sutardja Dai Hall, Atrium
08:45  John Huggins
Open Research Review
Welcome & Announcements
08:50  Session I Chair: Ali Javey
08:55  Plenary 1: Michael Lorek
09:10  Plenary 2: Erh-Chia Yeh
09:25  Plenary 3: Alina Kozinda
09:40  Morning Research Overviews (4 Faculty Groups)
Clark T.-C. Nguyen, Kris Pister, Ming C. Wu, Luke P. Lee
100 and 110 Blum Hall
11:20  Session II Chair: Bernhard E. Boser
11:25  Plenary 4: Robert Schneider
11:40  Plenary 5: Ryan Going
11:55  Lunchtime Research Overviews (4 Faculty Groups)
Liwei Lin, Bernhard E. Boser, Ali Javey, Dorian Liepmann
12:35  LUNCH
100 Blum Hall
100 and 110 Blum Hall
14:25  Session III Chair Ming C. Wu
14:30  Plenary 6: Dr. Niels Quack
14:45  Plenary 7: Richard Przybyla
15:00  Plenary 8: Kevin Chen
15:15  Afternoon Research Overviews (4 Faculty Groups)
Michel M. Maharbiz, Albert P. Pisano, David A. Horsley, Richard M. White
100 and 110 Blum Hall
16:55  SESSION IV Chair: Albert P. Pisano
17:00  Plenary 9: Dr. Jim Cheng
17:15  Plenary 10: JoJo Chang
17:30  Plenary 11: Dr. Ayden Maralani
Voting Completion & Announcements
18:15  Mixer and Awards Banquet
Hearst Memorial Mining Building, Moore Lobby
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BSAC Industrial Advisory Board/ Executive Committee   view description
19 September 2013
Hearst Memorial Mining Building, Room 290

TimeSpeaker, Event / Topic Information
07:45  Light Continental Breakfast
290 Hearst Memorial Mining Building
08:30  John Huggins
Convene IAB: Topical Agenda
08:40  Richard Tsina
Plenary Topic Results & Voting Comments
08:50  ALL
Discussion of Center
10:30  John Huggins
Close IAB
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BSAC Workshop: Piezo MEMS (CLOSED)   view description
19 September 2013
Sutardja Dai Hall, Banatao Auditorium

TimeSpeaker, Event / Topic Information
11:00  David A. Horsley
Overview of Topic and Session
11:15  Clark T.-C. Nguyen
11:45  Sayeef Salahuddin
12:15  Liwei Lin
Electrospun FiberPiezo for Energy Harvesting
12:30  LUNCH
13:30  Michel M. Maharbiz / Dongjin Seo
Neural Dust: Ultrasound to Enable Chronic Brain-Machine Interfaces
14:00  David A. Horsley
14:30  Albert P. Pisano
15:00  Adjourn
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MIG Workshop: Illuminating the Fog: MEMS and Sensors, Enablers for the Internet of Things
19 September 2013
Sutardja Dai Hall, Banatao Auditorium (OPEN to all MIG members, Visitors, and BSAC Members)

TimeSpeaker, Event / Topic Information
15:30  Karen Lightman
Open Session
15:45  Dr. Flavio Bonomi
Vice President, Advanced Architecture Research, CISCO
16:30  Al Heshmati
Sr. Director, Software Systems, InvenSense
17:00  Break
17:15  Dave Rothenberg
Marketing Director, Movea
17:45  Mike Stanley
Manager, Smart Sensor Fusion, Freescale
18:15  Conclusions and Wrap
18:30  Mixing Reception
Kvamme Atrium, Sutardja Dai Hall
20:00  Adjourn

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Mixing Reception
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