Fall 2013 IAB & Research Review
September 18 - 19

Dr. Flavio Bonomi
Vice President, Advanced Architecture Research, CISCO

The Cloud, Fog Computing, Wireless Networks and the Internet of Things

Fog Computing extends the Cloud Computing paradigm to
the edge of the network, thus enabling a new breed of applications
and services. De fining characteristics of the Fog
are: a) Low latency and location awareness; b) Wide-spread
geographical distribution; c) Mobility; d) Very large number
of nodes, e) Predominant role of wireless access, f) Strong
presence of streaming and real time applications, g) Heterogeneity.
In this paper we argue that the above characteristics
make the Fog the appropriate platform for a number
of critical Internet of Things (IoT) services and applications,
namely, Connected Vehicle, Smart Grid , Smart
Cities, and, in general, Wireless Sensors and Actuators Networks