Spring 2013 IAB & Research Review
March 6 - 8

Plenary 1: E. Yegan Erdem

From Microfluidic Reactors to Smart Surfaces

Microfluidic reactors or microreactors show promise for the synthesis of nanoparticles with well controlled size, size distribution and shape. In this talk two different microreactors will be discussed. The first microreactor is made out of a polymer material and synthesizes magnetic iron-oxide nanoparticles by mixing two reagents at precise concentrations. The second microreactor is designed to produce monodisperse nanoparticles by utilizing thermally isolated heated and cooled regions for separating nucleation and growth processes. This reactor is made out of silicon and demonstrates the synthesis of TiO2 nanoparticles. Finally the future direction of this research for the formation of smart surfaces with nanoparticles will be discussed.