Spring 2013 IAB & Research Review
March 6 - 8

Plenary 7: Dr. Xavier Vilajosana

OpenWSN: Open Standards enablers to the Internet of Things and Trillion Sensor Networks

A trillion wireless sensor network can only be achieved by means of standard technologies that make possible to build heterogeneous networks of devices. On that end, OpenWSN is an Open Standards enabler to the Internet of Things and M2M communications. It is based on the IEEE 802.15.4 ultra low power PHY layer and implements on top a time synchronized channel hopping (TSCH) MAC layer that yields to 99.9% end-to-end reliability and radio duty cycles well below 1%. At this moment the OpenWSN MAC layer is the only IEEE802.15.4e open-source implementation that exists. Full IPv6 interoperability is achieved by 6LowPAN and RPL that support UDP and TCP under the Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP). The presentation introduces OpenWSN and details layer by layer its main features while pointing out the challenges dealt by OpenWSN to overcome the 10 years of continuous failures of Zigbee-like protocols.