Spring 2013 IAB & Research Review
March 6 - 8

Plenary 9: Dr. Maysamreza Chamanzar

Next Generation Nanoscale Neural Optrodes

Simultaneously monitoring and controlling the activity of individual neurons in multiple brain areas with high spatiotemporal resolution is an ongoing concern in neuroengineering. In this talk, I will discuss the design and implementation of a novel high-density neural interface for distributed chronic neural recordings in freely behaving animals. I will discuss the nanofabrication process based on multiple deep UV lithography steps, and the system integration challenges inherent in efficient optical excitation and low-noise electrical recordings of thousands of neurons.
Our devices comprise a thin silicon (~50 m ~ 20 m x ~2 mm) substrate, on-chip integrated polymer photonic waveguides, and a flexible monolithic cable connected to a compact, light-weight head-mounted recording system suitable for small animals such as mice. Each probe contains up to 64 electrodes and 16 independent photonic waveguides, in a footprint small enough to minimize damage to the brain at the implant site. With this technology, optogenetic excitation or inhibition of neurons can occur simultaneously with the recording of large ensembles of individual neurons in one or more brain regions.