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Berkeley Sensor & Actuator Center
Fall 2012 IAB & Research Review
and MIG Workshop
September 19-21, UC Berkeley, CA
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Over 25 years of BSAC:
100 Prior and Current
Industrial Organizations
Eleven 10+ year members
Five 20+ year members
Visiting Industrial Fellow
Send Researcher to Campus 1-3 years
Access to Nanofab Facility
1600 sq meter 200mm clean room
All major MEMS tools
Intellectual Property
Prepublication access to all research
90 day first access to all inventions
Negotiated Projects
Satisfy Member Goals
One Researcher –year per Project
Wednesday Morning, Sep 19 (Open Session)
♦  MEMS Industry Group Workshop
MEMS Product Development Challenges
Sweet Dreams and Nightmares
Wednesday Afternoon, Sep 19 (Open Session)
♦  BSAC Faculty Research Investigations
A technology review session conducted by University of California faculty on selected areas of research
Thursday, Sep 20 (Closed Session)
♦  BSAC Research Review
Posters and Plenary
Friday, Sep 21 (Closed Session)
♦  BSAC Industrial Advisory Board
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