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Berkeley Sensor & Actuator Center
Fall 2012 IAB & Research Review
and MIG Workshop
September 19-21, UC Berkeley, CA
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Each March and September, Industrial Members meet with BSAC Faculty and Researchers on the campus of the beautiful and historic University of California, Berkeley, for a three-day conference collectively referred to as the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) Meeting.  Each day of the conference presents different opportunities to learn about and discuss BSAC Research.

Wednesday September 19 (Open Sessions*):

Morning: MEMS Industry Group Workshop:

Plenary: MEMS Product Development Challenges
(Sweet Dreams and Nightmares):

Case Studies in MEMS Commercialization: Plenary presentations by 3 invited speakers representing MEMS industry leaders (Foundry, Fabless, and Integrated Manufacturer)

Industry Panel: Commercialization (Lessons Learned):
How to navigate the commercialization "obstacle course" from two exciting start-ups and two well-known industry leaders.

Afternoon: Thrust Session:
BSAC Faculty Research: In-depth presentations by University of California faculty on promising emerging technologies.

*ATTENDANCE: Open to Members and Non-Members; UC Faculty; BSAC Post-Docs

Thursday September 20 (Closed Sessions*):

All Day Research Review, during which 12 Faculty co-Directors present current, in-progress reports on the most significant of their 120+ BSAC projects in summaries followed by detailed poster sessions.

*ATTENDANCE: Closed session. BSAC Industrial Members and by-Invitation Industry Attendees; BSAC Directors; Affiliated Faculty; BSAC Researchers; NSF and Funding Agencies

Thursday Evening: Awards Banquet honoring the researchers.

*ATTENDANCE: BSAC Industrial Members; By-Invitation Industry Attendees; BSAC Directors; Affiliated Faculty; BSAC Researchers; NSF and Funding Agencies

Friday MorningSep 21 (Members Only*):

Industrial Advisory Board Meeting
Industrial Member organizations discuss and assess Center directions and policy, and provide feedback to the BSAC Directors

*ATTENDANCE: BSAC Industrial Member Points-of-Contact (and attendees from their companies); BSAC co-Directors; NSF personnel.

♦ BSAC Industrial Members - $300
  Includes admission for all conference events
♦ BSAC Alumni, MIG Members - $300
  Admission to conference on Wednesday, September 19th
♦ Non-Members - $400
  Admission to conference on Wednesday, September 19th


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