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Berkeley Sensor & Actuator Center
Fall 2012 IAB & Research Review
and MIG Workshop
September 19-21, UC Berkeley, CA
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MIG Workshop: MEMS Product Development Challenges (Sweet Dreams and Nightmares)
19 September 2012
Sutardja Dai Hall
Dado & Maria Banatao Auditorium
UC Berkeley

TimeSpeaker, Event / Topic Information
09:00  Arrival & Sponsored Continental Breakfast
10:00  Karen Lightman Managing Director, MIG
Intro to Session
10:15  Dr. David J. Monk Sensor Product Manager, Freescale
10:45  Angelo Assimakopoulos Director, New Business Development, Knowles Electronics
11:15  Peter Himes VP Marketing, Silex
11:45  Short Break
12:00  Panel: LESSONS LEARNED?
Dr. Leslie Field (Moderator) Small Tech Consulting,
Dr. Mark Zdeblick CTO Proteus Digital Health,
Marcellino Gemelli, Senior Marketing Manager, Bosch Sensortec
Dr. Christine Chihfan Ho CTO, Imprint Energy
Dr. Octavian Florescu President, Silicon BioDevices
Panel: Successful MEMS Commercialization - Lessons Learned The road to successful MEMS commercialization is a long and windy path with roadblocks and potholes. With careful planning and checkpoints along the way, companies may mitigate risk. This panel will discuss ways to successfully navigate the commercialization process including considerations for planning the development of new products. Has market pull or technology push influenced the killer apps we’ve seen over the past decade? What is next for the MEMS Industry? Representatives from leading MEMS companies will discuss the factors that helped make their products succeed. The panel will also discuss IP considerations and processes to integrate MEMS into new products.
12:45  Box Lunch, SDH Atrium
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BSAC Faculty Research Investigations
19 September 2012
Sutardja Dai Hall
Dado & Maria Banatao Auditorium
UC Berkeley

TimeSpeaker, Event / Topic Information
14:00  John Huggins
Intro to Session
14:15  David A. Horsley
A MEMS Electronic Compass
14:45  Ali Javey
Electronic Skin:
Detecting and Responding to Stimuli
15:15  Albert P. Pisano
High-Resolution Direct Patterning of Nanoparticles and Polymers by a Template-Based Microfluidic Process
15:45  Break
16:15  Kris Pister
Wireless Sensor Swarms & Microrobotics
16:45  Michel M. Maharbiz
Flexible Resorbable Organic and Nanomaterial Therapeutic Systems (FRONTS)
17:15  Ming C. Wu
Sense, Communicate, and Actuate by Light (Integrated Photonics)
17:45  Mixing Reception: Sponsored by MEMS Industry Group and ClassOne Equipment, Inc.
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Research Review (Posters and Plenary)
20 September 2012
Sutardja Dai Hall
Dado & Maria Banatao Auditorium
UC Berkeley

TimeSpeaker, Event / Topic Information
07:45  Light Breakfast, Registration, Conference Materials
08:30  John Huggins
Open Session & Announcements
08:40  Session I Chair: Richard S. Muller
08:45  Plenary 1: Tae Joon Seok
09:00  Plenary 2: Hadi Najar
09:15  Morning Faculty Research Review (Overviews)
Blum Hall
11:40  Session II Chair: Michel M. Maharbiz
11:45  Plenary 3: Hui Fang
12:00  Plenary 4: Lingqi Wu
12:15  Plenary 5: Mitchell Kline
12:30  LUNCH, Faculty Sidebars
Blum Hall
12:40  Clark T.-C. Nguyen DARPA MiNaSIP Review & Lunch
540 Cory Hall, DOP Center Conference Room
13:55  Session III Chair: Bernhard E. Boser
14:00  Plenary 6: Kosuke Iwai
14:15  Plenary 7: Matilda Yun-Ju Lai
14:30  Afternoon Faculty Research Review (Overviews)
Blum Hall
16:55  Session IV Chair: Liwei Lin
17:00  Plenary 8: Chih-Ming Lin
17:15  Plenary 9: Late News I Dr. Jim Cheng
17:25  Plenary 10: Late News II TBD
TBD (Late News)
17:35  END SESSION: John Huggins
Awards Banquet JMH
The Faculty Club
The Faculty Club
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BSAC Industrial Advisory Board   view description
21 September 2012
540 Cory Hall
DOP Center Conference Room
UC Berkeley

TimeSpeaker, Event / Topic Information
07:45  Light Breakfast
08:20  John Huggins
Open IAB, Present Agenda
08:30  New Member Profiles
09:00  John Huggins
Discussion: New IAB Format
09:30  Clark T.-C. Nguyen
Discussion: Collaboration Membership Level
10:00  Albert P. Pisano
Paper Ratings/Research Directions
10:30  Members' Closed Session
11:30  Callback of Co-Directors
Feedback to Center on Technical Directions and Operations
12:30  Adjourn & Lunch

Mixing Reception
September 19
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