Fall 2012 IAB & Research Review
September 19 to 21

Peter Himes VP Marketing, Silex

Foundry: MEMS Product Proliferation and Time to Market: A Foundry's Perspective on Process Standardization vs Full Customization

Although the MEMS market has been in development for decades, the last 5-7 years has seen an explosion of interest in MEMS and how it can be applied to all fields of technology. The traditional model of full process customization has been under attack by the industry as impeding the growth of the market, yet attempts to make MEMS "just like ICs" and still preserve the flexibility of MEMS design have fallen short of their goals. The foundry model serves a vital role in industry development, and foundries have the challenges of supporting wide process development complexity both in development and manufacturing. This talk will discuss the challenges of doing this and propose a new framework for what is needed to support both MEMS innovation and time to market.