Fall 2012 IAB & Research Review
September 19 to 21

Plenary 7: Matilda Yun-Ju Lai

Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting for Industrial Applications

As wireless sensor networks emerge onto commercial platforms, power generators based on piezoelectric energy harvesting have attracted numerous interests for developing self-powered sensor spots for easier maintenance and higher cost efficiency. The amount of power that can be generated by harvesting devices from ambient energy sources is crucial for practical application and greatly depends on the available source power and its characteristics.

This talk will cover a power estimation analysis based on actual source field data from industrial machinery and recent results on the development of a harsh environment SiC/AlN piezoelectric energy harvester for pulsed pressure sources. The micromachined SiC/AlN energy harvesting device shows an output power density of 20 uW/cm2 under pressure pulses of 1 psi (rms) at 2 kHz with potentials for integrating with SiC circuitry and enabling self-powered wireless sensors for the real-time monitoring of harsh environment energy system such as automotive engines, gas turbines and geothermal wells.