Spring 2012 Conference
March 7 - 9

Plenary 1: Thura Lin Naing

3-GHz CVD Diamond Ring Resonator with Q > 40,000

A capacitive-gap transduced micromechanical ring resonator based on a radial contour vibration mode and constructed from hot filament CVD boron-doped microcrystalline diamond has achieved a Q of 42,900 at 2.9685GHz that represents the highest series-resonant Q yet measured at this frequency for any on-chip room temperature resonator, as well as the highest f.Q of 1.27e14 for acoustic resonators, beating out even macroscopic bulk-mode devices. Values like these in a device occupying only 3600um^2, combined with a resonance frequency governed only by CAD-definable lateral dimensions, may soon make possible on-chip realizations of RF channelizers and ultra-low phase-noise GHz oscillators for secure communications.