Spring 2012 Conference
March 7 - 9

Plenary 6: Dr. Ivan Dimov

Integrated Amplification and Readout for Multiplexed Biomarker Detection

Over half of the global population remains at serious risk of infectious diseases. It is imperative to distinguish those individual that require treatment form others with non-sopecific symptoms. We present a self-contained integrated microfluidic blood analysis system (SIMBAS) that can integrate plasma separation from raw human-blood, lysis, multiplexed immuno-assays, DNA/RNA amplification, readout, and flow propulsion into a user-friendly and affordable diagnostic platform. Red and white blood cells are removed from the raw blood by gravitationla sedimentation within micro-trench structures.
Simulations and experimental data show 99.9% to 100% blood cell retention in the passive structure. Initial protein-binding tests demonstrate that sample-to-answer assays can be performed within 10 minutes; with a limit of detection is 1.5 pM. Integrating loop-mediated isothermal amplification allows for the highly specific detection of 50 copies or more of DAN/RNA biomarkers and the generation of visually distiguishable readout signals. Propelled by pre-evacuation of its PDMS substrate, SIMBAS's guiding design principle is integration of the minimal number of components without sacrificing effectiveness in performing rapid complete bioassays, a critical step towards low-resource settings molecular diagnostics.