Spring 2012 Conference
March 7 - 9

Plenary 10: Dr. Gabriel Lavella

Building Self-Assembled Nanomachines based on Biased Brownian Ratcheting
Relevance to Sensing, Molecular Signal Transduction, Diagnostics and Drug Delivery

The ability to create synthetic chemomechanical machines with engineered functionality is a central quest in nanotechnology that promises large technological rewards. We present an approach to create non-cyclic machines using Brownian ratcheting and demonstrate a novel device that senses, mechanically reacts, and extracts energy from user selected molecules. These machines, constructed using self-assembled 3-D DNA origami motifs, are less than 120 nm in length. Conceivably, they could enable numerous advances in the life sciences, biosensing, and drug delivery by coupling the mechanical response to the release of sequestered molecules, drugs or imaging agents.