Fall 2011 Conference
September 21 - 23

Plenary 5: Toshitake Takahashi

Large-Scale Carbon Nanotube Network Active Matrix Circuitry for Flexible and Stretchable Electronics

A promising approach for large-scale flexible and stretchable electronics using semiconductor-enriched carbon nanotube (CNTs) solution will be described. In conventional flexible devices, organic materials or amorphous silicon have been intensively explored, but its inherently low electrical performance limits the range of potential applications. Here, we use solution-based approach in which semiconductor-enriched CNTs (99 %) are deposited uniformly on wafer-scale flexible polyimide (PI) substrate at room temperature, and obtain mobility of ~ 20 cm2V-1s-1, an order of magnitude larger than conventional materials, without sacrificing current on/off ratio (ION/IOFF of ~ 104). The PI substrate readily turns into a stretchable substrate by cutting the PI into open mesh geometry, showing a stretchability of 11.5 % without noticeable device degradation. The concept of CNT network-based flexible and stretchable active matrix circuitry can be potentially expanded to achieve multifunctional sensors by adding various components on top of this backplane.