Fall 2011 Conference
September 21 - 23

Alissa M. Fitzgerald, Founder and Managing Member, A.M. Fitzgerald and Associates

MEMS Product Development Why Is It So Hard?

Over the past 20 years, the MEMS industry has seen some very successful products and companies, but the road is also littered with many failures: failed products, bankrupt companies, and disgruntled investors. According to Jean-Christophe Eloy of Yole Developpement, MEMS start-ups need about $45 million and three to four CEOs to make it to commercialization. Developing a new MEMS product is a difficult and risky business.

What makes developing new MEMS devices so hard? Our firm specializes in MEMS product development. We work with clients starting from the concept phase and perform design, modeling and small volume prototyping, squeezing-out process risk and producing a robust design that can be quickly ramped to production at a foundry. This talk will present our insights gained from working with more than 90 clients on new MEMS products as diverse as long wavelength infrared imagers, tissue scaffolds, microphones, biological and chemical sensors, pressure sensors and optical waveguide switches.