Fall 2011 Conference
September 21 - 23

John Huggins

Open Session: The NEXT Twenty-Five Years

Twenty-five years ago the first curious microelectromechanical components, embryonic precursors to an industry, were just beginning to emerge, on the coat-tails of the semiconductor miracle. Today we are part of a vibrant, dynamic, and growing MEMS "industry". On this, the twenty-fifth anniversary of the formal initiation of the NSF center that would become known as BSAC, we will take a quick look back to motivate a longer look forward, to imagine, envision, and argue about what the next twenty five years will bring. To lead this reflection and projection, we have an outstanding group of industry and academic leaders including two keynote industry visionaries, and several academic and industry leaders to extrapolate and rationalize their own technology visions. A panel will engage the audience in reaction to and elaboration on these visions.