Fall 2011 Conference - Agenda
September 21 - 23

Fall 2011 Conference - Agenda

Research Review | IAB Meeting | MIG Workshop | Research Exposition | Thrust | 25th Anniversary Mixer and Banquet | The Morning After |

Research Review, Poster Sessions & Awards Banquet (BSAC MEMBERS)   view description
21 September 2011
David Brower Center, Goldman Theater, 2150 Allston Way, Berkeley CA

(Attendance: BSAC members, researchers, agencies, and guests by prior arrangement)

TimeSpeaker, Event / Topic Information
07:30  Light Breakfast, Registration, Conference Materials
08:30  John Huggins
08:40  Session I : Chair: Bernhard Boser
Three Researcher Talks + Morning Poster Preview
08:45  Plenary 1: Sarah Wodin-Schwartz
09:00  Plenary 2: Simone Gambini
09:15  Plenary 3: Stefon Shelton
09:30  60 Researchers
10:25  MORNING POSTER SESSION: Tamalpais Room & Kinzie Room
11:55  Session II : Chair: David Horsley
Three Researcher Talks
12:00  PLenary 4: Chair: Michael Demko
12:15  Plenary 5: Toshitake Takahashi
12:30  Plenary 6: Armon Mahajerin
12:45  SANDWICH LUNCH & Member Info Displays: Tamalpais Terrace
12:46  DARPA MiNaSIP Review & Lunch (Location: BWRC)
Review of MiNaSIP for Current Program Participants
13:55  Session III: Chair: Liwei Lin
Three Researcher Talks + Afternoon Poster Preview
14:00  Plenary 7: Frank Myers
14:15  Plenary 8: Amol Jadhav
14:30  Plenary 9: Frederick Doering
14:45  61 Researchers
15:40  AFTERNOON POSTER SESSION: Tamalpais Room & Kinzie Room
17:10  Session IV: Chair: Ming Wu
17:15  Plenary 10: Karen Grutter
17:30  Plenary 11: Tristan Rocheleau
17:45  Plenary 12: Henry Barrow
18:00  Plenary 13: Branko Kerkez
18:15  END SESSION: John Huggins
18:20  Walk to Hotel Shattuck Plaza
18:30  PRE-BANQUET RECEPTION: Hotel Shattuck Plaza Courtyard
19:15  AWARDS BANQUET & Awards Ceremony: Hotel Shattuck Plaza Crystal Ballroom
21:00  Adjourn
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IAB Meeting [BSAC]   view description
22 September 2011
David Brower Center, Kinzie Room, 2150 Allston Way, Berkeley CA

National Science Foundation I/UCRC

TimeSpeaker, Event / Topic Information
07:45  Arrival & Light Breakfast
08:30  John Huggins
Open IAB: Agenda and Introduction of New Members
08:40  Senjyu Wataru Visiting Industry Fellow
New Member Presentation: Fuji Electric
08:50  Cheng-chung Shih, CEO
New Member Presentation: Capella Microsystems
09:00  Al Pisano
Tohoku & VUC University Collaboration
09:10  Richard Tsina
LIFE Form Comments
09:25  Dorian Liepmann
Potential Thrust Topic: Point of Care Diagnostics Platform
09:35  John Huggins
State-of-Center Report and Items for IAB Consideration
10:00  Members and Facilitators, NSF Evaluator
Closed IAB Meeting
10:45  Call-back of Directors
Review of Center Status, Direction, and Operations
11:30  Adjourn & Lunch
Kinzie Room, Hazel Wolf Gallery, Terrace
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MIG Workshop: MEMS Commercialization
MEMS Industry Group – Technical Challenges to MEMS Commercialization: Background and Discussion   view description

22 September 2011
David Brower Center, Goldman Theater, 2150 Allston Way, Berkeley CA

MEMS Industry Group

TimeSpeaker, Event / Topic Information
08:30  Arrival, Check-In & Light Breakfast
Hazel Wolf Gallery
09:15  Welcome and Introduction, Karen Lightman, Managing Director
MIG Workshop Opening Goldman Theater
09:30  Jalinous (Jay) Esfandyari, MEMS Product Marketing Manager, STMicroelectronics
10:00  Alissa M. Fitzgerald, Founder and Managing Member, A.M. Fitzgerald and Associates
10:30  Panel Discussion – Karen Lightman, Moderator; Alissa M. Fitzgerald, Jim Knutti (Acuity), Jalinous (Jay) Esfandyari (STMicroelectronics), and Patrick Oden (TI)
Discussion of Technical Manufacturing Challenges to MEMS Commercialization; Stories from The Road.
11:15  Karen Lightman Adjourn & Box Lunch
Kinzie Room, Hazel Wolf Gallery, Terrace.
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BSAC Faculty Poster Session   view description
22 September 2011
David Brower Center, Tamalpais Room, 2150 Allston Way, Berkeley CA

Everybody Welcome! Visitors, MIG, BSAC Members, and Researchers

TimeSpeaker, Event / Topic Information
12:00  Faculty Posters & Buffet Lunch
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Thrust: "Next 25 Years for MEMS"   view description
22 September 2011
David Brower Center, Goldman Theater, 2150 Allston Way, Berkeley CA

UC Berkeley Campanile at Sunset

TimeSpeaker, Event / Topic Information
14:00  John Huggins
14:10  Prof. Al Pisano
14:30  Dr. Tim Denison, Director of Neuroengineering, Medtronic
15:10  Prof. Ali Javey
15:30  Prof. Kris Pister
15:50  Prof. Clark Nguyen
16:10  Networking Break Tamalpais Room
16:40  Karen Lightman, Managing Director MEMS Industry Group
16:50  Vijay Ullal, Group President, Maxim Integrated Products
17:30  Dr. Patrick (Rick) Oden, Distinguished Member Technical Staff, Technology Development – DLP® Products, Texas Instruments, Inc.
17:50  BSAC Alumni Panel. Moderator: Richard S. Muller; Panelists Dennis Polla, IARPA; Amit Lal, Cornell U.; Michael Judy, ADI
18:50  John Huggins
Invitation (and Directions) to 25th Anniversary Banquet
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25th Anniversary Mixer and Banquet   view description
22 September 2011
Berkeley City Club, 2315 Durant Avenue, Berkeley, CA

Banquet Room Berkeley City Club

TimeSpeaker, Event / Topic Information
18:50  Transit (walk) from David Brower Center
19:00  Pre-Dinner Reception and Mixer
19:30  White Tablecloth Dinner
20:45  Various
Anniversary Program
21:45  Adjourn
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The Morning After   view description
23 September 2011
Skydeck, Site of New UC Berkeley Startup Habitat, Penthouse Level of 2150 Shattuck Avenue (former Powerbar Building)

College if Engineering Skydeck, Top Floor of PowerBar Building 2150 Shattuck Ave Berkeley

TimeSpeaker, Event / Topic Information
08:30  Arrival and Continental Breakfast
Enter Ground Floor, Elevator to the TOP.
09:15  Associate Dean Tsu-Jae King Liu
Introduction to Skylab Startup Habitat & COE priorities
09:30  Faculty, Members, MIG, Visitors
Individual Faculty Meetings with Members and General Mixing
12:00  Adjourn, Close Fall 2011 Events