Fall 2011 Conference
September 21 - 23

IAB Meeting [BSAC]

Closed meeting of members and faculty to discuss directions and operations of the center.
The Industrial Advisory Board consists of all industrial members of BSAC. The members meet together with the faculty co-Directors and Executive Director on the morning following the private (member only) research review, to evaluate and discuss the research directions and operations of the center. The members then meet in executive session without BSAC co-Directors present to discuss privately their assessment and recommendations for the center. The IAB then recall the Directors for a joint discussion of the IAB recommendations and decisions.

During the first common session, new member companies have the option to give to the IAB and Directors a short briefing and introduction to their company, perhaps what their BSAC interests are, and perhaps goals for their membership, such as meeting co-development partners or identication of interns and employees, etc.

At the IAB executive session, if anything is subjected to a vote, all members have two votes regardless of how many persons they send to the IAB meeting. Why two votes? In some NSF I/UCRC centers (this is not true in BSAC), members explicitly vote on projects to fund; two votes allows multiple project selection.