Fall 2011 Conference
September 21 - 23

MIG Workshop: MEMS Commercialization
MEMS Industry Group – Technical Challenges to MEMS Commercialization: Background and Discussion

This two-hour workshop hosted by MIG will discuss the manufacturing challenges to MEMS commercialization. Listening to industry experts and veterans, the audience will be treated to an insiders’ view of MEMS device manufacturing. Presenters will discuss the really rigorous transfer to production happens at low and high volume. They will discuss what has worked and why and what needs to work and why it doesn’t, yet…

Presenters and panelists alike will discuss the manufacturing challenges to MEMS commercialization including issues related to cost, design, and those related to the MEMS supply chain (fragmentation or family? You decide). Similarly, what can be learned from product life-cycle methodology and applied to MEMS?

Presenters will also discuss how MEMS manufacturers can better streamline development to get their devices to market quickly. Based on their experience they will discuss what steps to take to ensure a process is ready for manufacturing. “MEMS is hard” but as in life, the rewards are oftentimes well worth the effort.

Join us on the morning of September 22 to hear from MEMS industry experts who will strive to address these critical issues affecting MEMS commercialization.