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September 15-17

IAB Fall 2006

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MEMS-Enabled Communications & Timing Breakthroughs
18 September 2006
Pauley Ballroom, MLK Student Union, 3rd Level

TimeSpeaker, Event / Topic Information
12:00  Registration and Informal Mixing
Registration and Informal Mixing
14:00  John Huggins
Introduction to the Session
14:15  Prof. Ming Wu
14:45  Prof. Kris Pister
15:15  Prof. Liwei Lin
15:45  Break
16:15  Philip Stephanou
CTO Harmonic Devices
16:45  Emmanuel Quevy
CTO Silicon Clocks
17:15  Prof. Bernhard Boser
BSAC & Founder/ Chief Scientist, SiTime
17:45  Harry Laswell
Managing Director and Co-founder
American River Ventures
18:15  Break
18:30  Prof. Al Pisano
Roundtable / Panel: MEMS Timing & RF Communications Startups
19:00  Conclude

Podium Talks Fall 06 IAB
19 September 2006
Pauley Ballroom, MLK Student Union, 3rd Level

TimeSpeaker, Event / Topic Information
07:30  Registration
08:35  John Huggins
Introduction to the Session
08:45  Emil Geiger
Plastic MEMS Encapsulation
09:00  Josh Chi
Monolithic MEMS Optical Cross Connect for CWDM and DWDM Fiber Optic Networks
09:15  Prof. Al Pisano
Poster Overview 1: Wireless, Physical Sensors & Microrobotics, Micropower
09:40  Prof. Richard White
Poster Overview 2: Package, Process, and Microassembly
10:00  Morning Poster Session
Morning Poster Session
11:30  Jim Cheng
Insect Armor (Chitosan) as a MEMS Engineering Material
11:45  David Garmire
MEMS Electrometrology
12:00  Sarah Bergbreiter
Jumping Microrobots
12:15  Lunch
13:45  Josh Morgan
Ferrofluidic Immunosensor
14:00  Octavian Florescu
Micro Magnetic Detection
14:15  Prof. Dorian Liepmann
Poster Overview 3: BioMEMS & Microfluidics
14:35  Prof. David Horsley
Poster Overview 4: BioMEMS & Microfluidics and Microphotonics & Adaptive Optics and CAD
15:00  Afternoon Poster Session
Afternoon Poster Session
16:30  Prof. Lydia Sohn
NanoCytometry: A New Method of Screening Cell-Surface Biomarkers
17:00  Christy Trinkle
Interfacing with BioMEMS for Single Cell Observation
17:15  Sha Li
DNA Transformation via a Local Heat Shock Chip
17:30  LATE NEWS BRIEFS (2 papers)
Late News #1: Debbie Jones: Ion Beam Assisted Deposition of SiC
Late News #2: Ryan Xie: Wireless Link for Strain Gauges
17:45  John Huggins
Close Session
18:00  Reception
18:30  Prof. Richard Muller

Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) Meeting
20 September 2006
Tilden Room, MLK Student Union, 5th Level

TimeSpeaker, Event / Topic Information
08:00  Light Continental Breakfast
Light Continental Breakfast
08:30  Moderated by
John Huggins
Review of Research Presentations
Minutes from Spring 2006 IAB
BSAC Recommendations and Agenda Items for the IAB
09:30  Moderated by Industrial Member
Industrial Members' Closed Meeting
Discussion of Center Policies & Topics
10:30  Moderated by Industrial Member
Member Feedback to BSAC Directors
11:30  Close IAB & Box Lunch
Close IAB & Box Lunch

Organizational/Informational Meeting
Strongly Recommended for co-funded Participants;
Optional for all Proposal Participants

20 September 2006
Tilden Room, MLK Student Union, 5th Level

TimeSpeaker, Event / Topic Information
13:00  Al Pisano
Organizational Overview of the Center, Brief Program and Funding Status
13:20  David Walther
DARPA Minneapolis Kickoff Meeting Logistics
13:30  Al Pisano
Initially Funded Projects DARPA & industry objectives
13:50  Al Pisano
Initially UNfunded Projects
14:10  Dana Bostrom
Contract and Intellectual Property Status
14:30  All
Discussion, Q&A

Short Overview and Gown-Up Lab Tours
20 September 2006
400 Cory Hall (Hughes Room) then Microlab

TimeSpeaker, Event / Topic Information
13:30  Matt Wasilik
15:00  Bill Flounders



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