Fall 2010 Conference
September 15-17

IAB Fall 2008

MEMS | Research Review: Plenary Talks and *Poster Sessions | IAB Meeting | Workshop |

MEMS for Wireless
17 September 2008
Clark Kerr Conference Center
Krutch Theatre

TimeSpeaker, Event / Topic Information
12:00  On-Site Registration and Pre-Session Mixer
WiFi web access & light refreshments will be available.
13:50  John Huggins
14:00  Prof. Clark Nguyen
MEMS-Enabled Paradigm Shifts in
Wireless Architectures
14:45  Prof. Kris Pister
MEMS for Wireless...Sensor Networks
15:15  Dr. Art Morris
Tunable Front-Ends for Mobile and Cognitive Radios
15:45  Dr. Tony Ivanov
RF Micro Devices
16:15  BREAK
16:45  Dr. Gregory Heinzinger
CTO, MediaFLO USA (*Qualcomm)
MEMS in your Cellphone? Opportunities and Challenges
17:15  Prof. Albert Pisano
Harsh Environment Wireless
17:45  Prof. Kamal Sarabandi
University of Michigan, EECS
Recent Advances on Antenna Miniaturization
18:15  Prof. Clark Nguyen
Discussion & End Session
18:30  Hors d'Oeuvres Reception/Mixer
19:30  Adjourn

Research Review: Plenary Talks and *Poster Sessions
18 September 2008
Clark Kerr Krutch Theatre and *Great Hall

TimeSpeaker, Event / Topic Information
07:30  Continental Breakfast
08:30  John Huggins: Welcome, Introduction to the Session
08:40  Prof. Albert Pisano
Session I: 2 Student Talks + Poster Preview
08:45  Ryan Sochol
09:00  Matthew Thompson
09:15  Morning Poster Preview
45-second Overviews of each Project:
Microphotonics, Nanostructures, BioMEMS, Microfluidics, and Micropower
10:00  Morning Poster Session
Begin submitting your Best Poster votes (continue in the afternoon)
11:40  Prof. Ming Wu
Session II: 4 Student Talks
11:45  Dr. Lisen Wang
12:00  Dr. Tushar Bansal
12:15  Benjamin Ross
12:30  YeonHo Choi
12:45  Lunch
14:10  Prof. Bernhard Boser
Session III: 3 Student Talks + Poster Previews
14:15  Mehmet Akgul
14:30  Dr. Jan Kuypers
14:45  Dr. Bongsang Kim
15:00  Afternoon Poster Preview
45-second Overviews of each Project:
Wireless & RF; Physical Sensors & Actuators; Packaging, Process, & Microassembly
15:45  Afternoon Poster Session
Submit your final Best Poster votes
17:25  Prof. David Horsley
Session IV: Invited Faculty talk + 3 student talks
17:30  Prof. David Horsley
Invited Faculty Talk: Single-crystal PMN-PT: a New Piezoelectric Material for MEMS
17:45  Johnny Ho
18:00  Dr. Steven Neale
18:15  David Myers
18:30  John Huggins, Pre-Dinner Mixer
19:30  Awards Banquet
Great Hall
21:15  Adjourn

Industrial Advisory Board Meeting
19 September 2008
Bechtel Engineering Center 120 (Downstairs)

TimeSpeaker, Event / Topic Information
08:00  Continental Breakfast
08:30  John Huggins
State of the Center, Prior Minutes, Items Referred to Membership
09:00  Dr. Mona D. Lee
UC Discovery Matching Funds Program Improvements
09:05  Prof. Richard Muller
LIFE and Ratings results
09:20  Prof. Ming Wu
CITRIS Microlaboratory
09:30  Industrial Chair &
Mark Kasulen
Closed Member Session-Members + NSF only (2 votes per organization)
10:30  Industrial Chair
Reconvene with BSAC Directors: Summary of Membership Discussion & Recommendations
11:30  Close IAB
Box Lunch

Workshop on Environmental and BioMedical Monitoring Microsystems
19 September 2008
Bechtel Engineering Center
Sibley Auditorium

TimeSpeaker, Event / Topic Information
12:30  Registration
13:00  Prof. Michel Maharbiz
13:10  Prof Dorian Liepmann
13:30  Dominic Andrada
Luminex Corporation
14:00  Prof. Luke Lee
14:30  Prof. Jose Carmena
15:00  Break
15:30  Prof. Dick White
15:40  Dr. Zoraida Pascual Aguilar, CTO, Vegrandis
16:00  Dr. Dong Li, Chevron Environmental Group
16:20  Dr. Fred Brechtel, CTO, BMI
16:40  Prof. William W. Nazaroff, Chair, Energy & Resources Group, Civil Engineering
17:10  Prof. Michel Maharbiz
Discussion and Wrap-Up



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