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September 15-17

Spring 2009 IAB

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Thrust Session: EMERGING DEVELOPMENTS IN NANOTECHNOLOGY & NANOENGINEERING: In recent years, there has been tremendous progress in the synthesis and fabrication of a wide range of nanoengineered materials with tunable atomic composition and properties. In this session, some of the applications of such materials for electronics/sensors, smart matter and energy generation/harvesting will be discussed while examining their potency for near-term commercialization.
11 March 2009
Pauley Ballroom, MLK Student Union, UCB Main Campus

TimeSpeaker, Event / Topic Information
12:00  Registration and Mixing
14:00  John Huggins
14:05  Ali Javey, UC Berkeley; BSAC Co-Director
14:45  Miquel Salmeron, Lawrence Berkeley Labs, Division Director
15:30  Mark Hersam, Northwestern University
16:15  Networking Break
16:45  Ming C. Wu, UC Berkeley, Chief Scientist CITRIS; BSAC Co-Director
17:30  Liwei Lin, UC Berkeley, Vice Chair ME; BSAC Co-Director
18:15  Zhong Lin Wang, Georgia Tech
19:00  Hors d'Oeuvres Mixer
20:00  Adjourn

Research Review
12 March 2009
Pauley Ballroom, MLK Student Union

TimeSpeaker, Event / Topic Information
07:30  Continental Breakfast & Registration
08:30  John Huggins
Welcome and Intro to the Session
08:40  Prof. Clark T.-C. Nguyen SESSION I
2 Student Talks + Morning Poster Preview
08:45  Gabriele Vigevani
09:00  Wei-Chang Li
09:15  61 Researchers
Morning 45-Second Poster Previews
10:10  Morning Poster Session
Wireless, RF & Smart Dust; Micropower; Physical Sensors & Devices; Package, Process & Microassembly
11:40  Prof. Bernhard E. Boser SESSION II
Invited Faculty Talk+ 3 Student Talks
11:45  Prof. Kris Pister
Invited Faculty Talk: Opportunities in Wireless Sensor Networks
12:00  Navdeep Dhillon
12:15  Karl Skucha
12:30  Chieh Chang
12:45  Lunch (Provided)
(Note: From 13:00-13:45 a lunch + briefing for MiNaSIP participants will be held.)
14:10  Prof. Dorian Liepmann SESSION III
3 Researcher Talks + Poster Preview
14:15  Dr. Carlo Carraro
14:30  Dr. Hyunhyub Ko
14:45  Daniel Cohen
15:00  64 Researchers
Afternoon 45-Second Poster Previews
15:55  Afternoon Poster Session
Microfluidics; BioMEMS; NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging; NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices
17:25  Prof. Luke P. Lee
4 Researcher Talks
17:30  SoonGweon Hong
17:45  Jui-Ming (Ryan) Yang
18:00  Ming-Chun (Jason) Tien
18:15  Hyunkyu Park
18:30  John Huggins
End Session
18:40  Reception, Kerr Lounge
Jazz Music
19:30  Awards Banquet &
Dr. Kurt Petersen
"Entrepreneurial Perspectives on MEMS"

IAB (Closed) Industrial Advisory Board Meeting
13 March 2009
120 Bechtel Engineering Center

TimeSpeaker, Event / Topic Information
07:45  Continental Breakfast
08:30  John Huggins
Open IAB
08:35  David Horsley
Spring 2009 Paper & Project Ratings & Discussion
09:00  John Huggins
BSAC Semiannual Report & Topics Referred to Members
09:30  Sean Cahill
Closed Industry Meeting
10:15  Break and Call Back Co-Directors
10:30  All
Center Evaluation, Feedback and Discussion
11:15  Close IAB Spring 2009
Box Lunch

Symposium on Opportunities for Microsensors in Energy
13 March 2009
Sibley Auditorium, Bechtel Engineering Center, UC Berkeley Main Campus

TimeSpeaker, Event / Topic Information
12:30  Albert P. Pisano, Chair, UC Berkeley ME Department, Co-Director BSAC
13:15  Chris Somerville, Director, Energy Biosciences Institute
14:00  Arun Majumdar, Director, Environmental Energy Technologies Division, LBNL
14:45  Break
15:15  Paul Wright, Director, Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (CITRIS)
15:45  Kristofer S.J. Pister UC Berkeley & Founder, Dust Networks, Co-Director BSAC
16:15  Richard M. White, UC Berkeley and Founding Director, BSAC
16:30  Liwei Lin, Vice Chair, Graduate Studies, UC Berkley ME Department
16:59  Adjourn



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