Fall 2010 IAB
September 15 to 17

Prof. Ming Wu

MEMS Components for Optical Communications

The intensive investment in the last decade has led to many successful Optical MEMS components that satisfy the requirements of lightwave communication networks. In this talk, we will review the current state of the art of the MEMS devices and subsystems. Depending on the design, these components can either be broadband (wavelength-independent) or wavelength-selective. The broadband devices include optical switches, crossconnects, optical attenuators, and data modulators, while the wavelength-selective components encompass wavelength add/drop multiplexers, wavelength-selective switches and crossconnects, spectral equalizers, dispersion compensators, spectrometers, and tunable lasers. Integration of MEMS and planar lightwave circuits (PLC), microresonators, and photonic crystals could lead to further reduction in size and cost.