Fall 2010 IAB
September 15 to 17

Emmanuel Quevy
CTO Silicon Clocks

Silicon Clocks' Integrated SiGe MEMS Resonators: A Paradigm Shift for Timing Devices

Silicon Clocks is developing a family of timing products based on
surface micro-machining of Silicon Germanium MEMS resonators which
solves one of the final integration "hold-outs" - the integration of the resonator function on chip. The SiGe technology has demonstrated its potential for truly stacked integration of resonators on advanced CMOS as a back-end-of-line modular post-process. Such integration capability opens up new creative ways of considering the system level design to alleviate MEMS resonators limitations and take advantage of large scale redundancy. In this presentation, state-of-the-art background on Silicon Germanium MEMS technology will be presented, along with device level characterization results, to eventually open the discussion around anticipated shifts in system level trade-offs and performances that direct integration of resonators with advanced CMOS now enables.