Fall 2010 IAB
September 15 to 17

Harry Laswell
Managing Director and Co-founder
American River Ventures

The MEMS Investment Environment

American River Ventures is an early stage venture fund with investments in MEMS, fabless semiconductor companies and other technology-based ventures. This talk will examine some investment successes, failures and hopefuls, drawing from optical, display, and RF MEMS startups. Caution-principals from some of the failures may be in the audience! Objective comments supported by statistics such as total VC investment and return-on-MEMS investment to date will be offered. But VC’s have to be gut-driven as well, looking forward, not just backward. Prior results should be viewed as illuminating, not disqualifying factors. And technology change often creates new winners. So why is it harder to raise $ for a MEMS company than for a more standard fabless semiconductor company? The answers may surprise you. ------