Fall 2010 IAB
September 15 to 17

Dr. Fred Brechtel, CTO, BMI

Case Study: Aerosol-Based Sample Concentration for Airborne Particle Monitoring

The Particle into Liquid Sampler is the state of the art technology for
collecting airborne particles in the 0.03 to 10 micrometer diameter range. A
novel collection system concentrates the sampled solid and liquid aerosol
into the PILS working fluid. Microfluidic systems deliver the liquid sample
to vials for convenient off-line chemical analyses. The instrument provides
high sensitivity for chemical analyses of water soluble species in airborne
particulate matter. Future versions of the PILS could benefit significantly
from integration of MEMS-type sensors that could be deployed with the
instrument to provide real-time measurements of the concentrations of
chemical species in collected liquid samples.