Fall 2010 IAB
September 15 to 17

John Huggins


This represents our 10th semiannual "Thrust" session in which we attempt to connect the dots among numerous BSAC research projects by identifying connections among projects ; commercial relevance and applications; and outside views of targeted technologies. Outside industrial and academic experts join BSAC faculty in these sessions to provide broader perspectives on the topic of interest.
In the past 3 years, we have seen escalation of BSAC interest in nanoelectromechanical technologies for sensing, imaging and even actuation, to the point that two of the BSAC “Research areas” or “Thrusts” now clearly reference these topics: a) Nanotechology: Materials, Processes & Devices and b) Nanoplasmonics, Microphotonics, and Imaging. This session, “Emerging Developments in Nanotechnology & Nanoengineering” has been organized by the newest BSAC co-Director, Ali Javey, and includes a distinguished group of researchers from BSAC, Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, Northwestern University,and Georgia Tech.