Fall 2010 IAB
September 15 to 17

Ali Javey, UC Berkeley; BSAC Co-Director

Introduction to the Session on Nanotechnology for Smart Matter, Energy, Photonics & Sensors

In recent years, there has been tremendous progress in the synthesis and fabrication of a wide range nanoengineered materials with tunable atomic composition and properties. In this thrust session, some of the applications of such materials for electronics/sensors, smart matter, and energy generation/harvesting will be discussed while examining their potency for near term commercialization. By Smart materials we mean those that change their optical, mechanical or electrical properties in respond to external stimuli such as electrical or optical signals, mechanical strain, pH, and so on. We will discuss color tunable materials with mechanical or electrical stimuli including plasmonic materials, high refractive index materials, diffractive structures, etc. We are also interested in the interconnection between self-assembling smart materials. We propose nanowire arrays as smart interconnectors for self-organizing building blocks.