Fall 2010 IAB
September 15 to 17

Liwei Lin, UC Berkeley, Vice Chair ME; BSAC Co-Director

In-Situ Growth and Self-Assembly of Silicon Nanowires

Unique electrical and physical properties and sensitivity to specific chemical/molecular changes of CNTs and Silicon nanowires,deriving in part from their high surface area-to-volume ratio make them ideal candidates for new generations of sensing devices.

Combination of these one dimensional nanostructures with highly integrated microelectronics can dramatically improve the functionality of the devices. But process compatibilities are a limitation. For example, the CNT synthesis process is typically conducted in a furnace at high temperatures (600 ~ 1200°C), well above allowable temperatures for post-processing of CMOS wafers.

This talk will discuss integration strategies for Silicon nanowires and CNT’s including demonstrations of IC-compatible synthesis based on localized growth of CNTs using a CMOS compatible two-terminal device that uses the CNT as a functional element including 1) local CNT synthesis between silicon microstructures; (2) in-situ electrical MEMS monitoring of the assembly of CNTs to control the number of CNT connections; (3) CNT/silicon heterojunctions; and (4) electrical properties of the silicon/CNT/silicon system.