Fall 2010 IAB
September 15 to 17

John Huggins

Welcome and Introduction to the Session

Within the 120 BSAC research topics, there is a large contrast in "readiness profiles" of research projects (effort/cost and risk-to-product launch), as well as a large contrast in "relevance profiles" (value of a successful product development and launch).
This Thrust session seeks to identify and describe some of those BSAC projects/technologies of perceived high relevance with maximal readiness from among our multiple research areas. Most of the candidate projects are still in the research phase without business plans or team formation. Researchers (faculty and students) will describe and rationalize several candidates from among our current projects. A group of seasoned advisors representing entrepreneurial experience, venture funding, market analysis, and corporate and university incubation will follow the presentations with a panel to discuss, with the audience and the presenters, their perceptions of the proposed products.