Fall 2010 IAB
September 15 to 17

Mehmet Akgul

Capacitively Transduced Micromechanical Resonators With Simultaneous Low Impedance and High Q

Capacitively transduced micromechanical disk resonators that exhibit simultaneous low motional resistance (<140ohms) and high Q (>70,000) have been demonstrated using a partial electrode-to-resonator gap-filling technology with new measures that utilize an alumina ALD pre-coating to prevent surface losses that previously limited the achievable Q to only 10,000. The devices of this work are the first micromechanical resonators in any material, piezoelectric or not, to achieve the simultaneous high Q >50,000 and low motional resistance (<200ohms), highly desired for front-end frequency channelizer requirements in cognitive and software-defined radio architectures. This work finally overcomes the high impedance bottleneck that has plagued capacitively transduced micromechanical resonators over the past decade.