Fall 2010 IAB
September 15 to 17

Dr. Peter Hartwell, HP Labs

CeNSE: The Central Nervous System for the Earth

We stand on the threshold of the next phase of technology evolution, the era of the sensor. As the information age has progressed from computer to networks to the cloud our ability to store and share knowledge now impacts every aspect of our lives. The next step is to bring awareness to the information system through a distributed network of sensors.

HPs Central Nervous System for the Earth (CeNSE) is a project involving multiple HP groups focused on enabling a planetary system of a trillion nanoscale sensors and actuators embedded in the environment and the networks to exchange their information among analysis engines, storage systems and end users. The massive amounts of data harvested and subsequent actions to be taken will create an enormous increase in demand for computing systems and services. HP is uniquely positioned to provide hardware, software, and service assets to all areas required to create such a system. HP can provide the nano-scale sensor node, network design, data storage, high performance computing, data visualization, information theory, and service and solution execution. CeNSE will provide real-time monitoring of surroundings for mission critical business, environmental, health and safety applications, such as factory operations, merchandise tracking, large structure integrity, virus tracking, food safety, energy use, and many more. HP is partnering with customers needing large scale sensor network systems and I will discuss HPs current commercial sensing activities and goals.