Fall 2010 IAB
September 15 to 17

Prof. Dorian Liepmann

Metrology for Microfluidics and BioMEMS

Optimal design of fluid-based microdevices requires a quantitative understanding of the flow characteristics of the device. The overall behavior including pressure drop, flow rates, and response time determine the energy requirements, while the geometry, sensitivity, and flow rates determine the overall sensor performance. Computational tools are becoming increasingly important, especially with their expanded capabilities to include a range of physical models in their simulations. However, these tools always need to be validated in order to have complete confidence in their results. Standard experimental stations include devices for flow generation with force and pressure measurements. Further experimental investigations require spatial and/or temporal measurements beyond bulk flow. Digital Particle Image Velocimetry (DPIV) as applied to Microsystems will be described including improvements developed at Berkeley. The extension of this technique to other measurement modalities will also be discussed with the intention of describing an extremely adaptable flow measurement system.