Fall 2010 IAB
September 15 to 17

John Huggins

Welcome & Intro to the Session

We are a large center, to which the statistics attest: a record 129 individual projects, 35 of which have not been reported previously a record 160 researchers including 20 post-doctoral researchers, 35 industrial members, 8 or 9 research areas, etc. More important than the statistics are the impacts that the center and the research conducted here has. To that end we began last fall to discuss the nature of our “syndicated research” in which members pool very limited membership fees and see perhaps 200 times as many research ideas as each company could sponsor on their own. Buried in these 129 projects are some high risk, but high reward ideas that, if successful, will “change the game” for those who take it to the next step: new companies or new products or significant internalized process or product improvements. So as we talk about statistics and numbers, we hope you will use the talks and poster sessions of this day to identify or influence through your discussions with the researchers, those game-changing ideas that are part of the reason for your participation here.