Fall 2010 IAB
September 15 to 17

Amit Lakhani

Subwavelength-Scale Semiconductor Nanolaser

As modern CMOS devices become smaller, the main limitations of the technology will be dictated by the speed and capacitance of the interconnects used to connect different modules within a single die. The ITRS roadmap has dictated that optical interconnects be used to provide a fast, reliable, low-interference path to communicate data in both intra- and inter-chip regimes. Therefore, it is necessary to create small, efficient lasers that can be integrated on a mass scale within CMOS devices. However, in order to create devices that can be scaled smaller than ~500nm, metal-optics will be needed to confine light. Therefore, we propose a metallo-dielectric cavity structure that will efficiently couple to direct-gap III-V (InGaAsP) gain material. Recent results in fabrication and characterization will be presented.