Fall 2010 IAB
September 15 to 17

Matt Thompson

Parametrically-Amplified Lorentz-Force Magnetometer

This paper describes a MEMS, Lorentz-force navigation magnetometer whose fabrication is fully compatible with existing foundry processes used to manufacture MEMS inertial sensors. The device is shown to have a Brownian-noise limited resolution of 3.4 nT/√Hz when operated at 25 mTorr and 87 nT/√Hz when operated at ambient pressure. In navigation applications, the orientation of the earth’s magnetic field is measured, and this performance is equivalent to angular resolutions of 0.03°/√Hz and 0.7°/√Hz, respectively. To achieve Brownian-limited performance at atmospheric pressure parametric amplification was performed which increases the field sensitivity of the device up to 82.5-fold.