Fall 2010 IAB
September 15 to 17

Invited Faculty Talk: Prof. Ali Javey

Synthetic Electronic Materials for Large-Area, Energy Efficient Applications

In this talk, I will present large-scale assembly of highly ordered, dense, and regular arrays of nanowires (NWs) with high uniformity and reproducibility through a simple contact printing process. The potency and versatility of the method is demonstrated by large-scale, heterogeneous integration of NWs for image sensor circuitry by utilizing optically active NW sensors and high mobility NW transistors. The NW sensors and electronic devices are interfaced to enable an all-NW circuitry with on-chip integration, capable of detecting and amplifying an optical signal with high sensitivity and precision. The ability to interface NW sensors with integrated electronics on large scales and with high uniformity presents an important advance toward the integration of nanomaterials for sensor applications. Finally, I will discuss the use of 3D structures for efficient and cost effective PVs. In this regard, we have recently reported the direct growth of highly regular, single-crystalline nanopillar arrays of optically active semiconductors on aluminum substrates which are then configured as solar cell modules. Through experiments and modeling, we demonstrate the potency of this approach for enabling highly versatile solar modules on both rigid and flexible substrates with enhanced carrier collection efficiency arising from the geometric configuration of the nanopillar.