Fall 2010 IAB
September 15 to 17

Thura Lin Naing

Fully Integrated Micromechanical Resonator Reference Oscillator

This project aims to realize a fully-integrated oscillator with excellent stability and high performance suitable for communication applications. In the process, this work investigates and models mechanical noise sources, particularly from external vibration. A model to understand impacts of external vibration on the oscillation frequency has been developed, and predicts that MEMS-based oscillators can be more stable than quartz based oscillators. Some work has been done to measure the stability of off-chip polysilicon oscillators and shows the potential to have the same or better frequency stability than quartz based oscillators.

This phase of the project aims to achieve a fully integrated MEMS reference oscillator that meets the reference oscillator requirements of the GSM standard or beyond. En route to achieving such an oscillator, much of the research is expected to focus on low-temperature metal processes that allow MEMS-last integration with MOS devices while retaining the stability and Q performance already offered by polysilicon counterparts.