Fall 2010 IAB
September 15 to 17

John Huggins, Executive Director, BSAC

Open the Session; Syndicated Research

A goal or outcome of fundamental research is the "seed stock" which fuels the rest of the commercialization ecosystem. Research consortia can, through "research syndication" realize breakthrough results with lower investments, a “Windfall”, an unanticipated return on investment. That is where the leverage of a well-conceived and well operated I/U consortium can pay huge dividends. It is a way of potentially and dramatically lowering the R&D costs of fundamental Innovation Research. By sharing costs of precompetitive research with a group of investors, many more ideas can be offered than could be funded in the single payer model where each industrial member completely funds exactly the project(s) of probable initial interest. But how to move the surviving candidates from the lab to commercialization is the subject of the remainder of this session.